Australia to Invest $641M in ICT Developments

Concept shot of technology, man on typing on a laptop accessing informationAustralia plans to beef up its Information Communication Technology(ICT) network by investing as much as $641.1 million for several upgrades, including public sector systems. The government aims to spend $350 million over a three-year period from 2017 for “a range of projects to modernise, transform and enhance the productivity” of different agencies, including better use and gathering of government information. It also involves $129.6 million of spending for upgrading old ICT systems among other projects.

IT Investments

Investments in IT systems will allow different government units to be more efficient in their roles. These projects should include developments to SQL database administrative services, such as those offered by companies like DBA Services, since a large part of the initiative seeks to improve data gathering and collection. The government plans to source the remaining $161.5 million investment from its Public Service Modernisation Fund. It will foster better use of government data to support an improved evidence-based policy. Some of the sectors that will benefit from the investment include education, social services, health and aged care service providers. Whether your business operates in the private or public sector, it’s important to adapt to changing IT developments to remain relevant to your target market.

Future Workplace

Companies should take a closer look at their workplace and find out if employees have a difficult or easy time in performing tasks. If it is the former, then something may not be right with your resources. The advent of new technologies such as cloud computing platforms has enabled businesses to streamline work for a variety of purposes. By using modern software and IT resources, your business allows employees to be more engaged in their jobs and hence, be more satisfied with their roles. Digital skills are increasingly becoming more important for almost every employee, so it makes sense that companies should try to keep up with the latest trends in technology.


The investment will help in maintaining Australia’s competitiveness not just within its local market, but also in the global ICT sector.