Best Ways to Make Biking More Fun

Group of CyclistsBicycles are becoming the preferred mode of transportation in the United States. In less than 15 years, it saw a massive growth of ridership. According to Statista, in spring 2008, there were only 47.16 million bikers in the country. By spring 2017, it ballooned to 66 million.

Many factors may be responsible for its growth. For one, Americans are trying to be healthy. More studies have shown how biking can be a form of exercise and improve one’s health. Others are also cutting back on higher expenses.

The cost of car ownership, after all, has already gone up to more than $8,000. Millennials are also postponing buying a vehicle. Biking, however, can be a lonesome activity. Those who pedal can make it more fun and enjoyable with these ideas in mind:

Speakers for Bike Handlebars

Bikers can play some good music while on the road. They can buy speakers for bike handlebars. These options are even much safer than headphones. They still allow the bikers to listen to songs. But they don’t interfere with the general hearing.

In other words, bikers can still pay attention to their surroundings effectively.

Tracking Apps

Online, bikers can find dozens of tracking apps. They may work through geolocation or gyro meters. They can also have other popular features. These may include weight loss monitoring. These are all helpful when people need more motivation to bike around.

Bicycle Clubs

For those who need some company, they can always join bike rides or clubs. The USA Cycling Association has a comprehensive list of local chapters. Bikers can choose whether to ride for leisure or competition. Either way, they provide not only companionship but also training and inspiration.

The best way to have a lot of fun when biking is to keep oneself always safe. It means wearing the proper helmet. One can also benefit from a reflector vest and light if they prefer to pedal in the evening.