An Effective yet Extremely Fun Way to Measure Throw Speeds

Softball player hitting a ground ballWhen it comes to certain sports, such as baseball, softball, and tennis, speed is everything. And because this applies to children’s sports too, you definitely want your team to hone their skills and improve their throws, pitches, or serves. However, it does not mean that they do not get to have fun while doing so.

By setting up speed pitch games, you can have your little ballplayers lining up to see just how they fare when throwing a baseball or a softball. In addition to these sports, these inflatables also let young aspiring tennis players test their serving speed.

Making Professional Speed-Measuring Devices Accessible to the Young Ones

A speed pitch booth, although primarily designed for kids, actually incorporate professional elements. Most of these come equipped with radar guns that professional athletes themselves use to measure their speed.

These radar kits give the children – or anyone else using the booth – a precision training tool that accurately reads ball throw, pitch, and service speeds.

As such, many children’s teams’ coaches often use them to give their team members a way to test their skills, while also giving them something fun to look forward to.

Great for Special Events

These booths are also a great way to boost the appeal and excitement during festivities, such as Little League or Girls’ Softball Opening programs. Many schools rent them as well for special occasions so that anyone from the student body can enjoy them too.

They are even perfect for birthday parties, where kids and adults alike can really have fun. A reminder though, before you get your very own speed pitch booth: factor in the location where you’ll set it up, as you want to make certain that there is adequate space not just for the inflatable, but also for the jump.

Lastly, ensure the set-up area has a power source within at least a hundred feet. Then you are good to go.