3 Reasons to Get SIP for Your Business

woman using SIP systemYou cannot underscore the importance of communications to any business. The ability to reach out and be reached by your audience can mean the difference between success and failure. Traditionally, businesses have leveraged PRI technology that’s been around since the ‘80s.

As with any technology, telephony has evolved over the years, with SIP trunk lines being the most popular innovation. Here are three great advantages of SIP technology.

1. Ease of installation

Traditional PRI technology required a complicated and robust infrastructure for support. At the end of setting up, you could only field a single call on your main number at a time. That would often tie up the lines, should more than one be calling or receiving calls at the same time.

SIP only requires a little more than investing in a server and a router as well as a robust data plan from a service provider. Setting up also takes a short time and less effort.

2. Robust services

Another advantage of the SIP trunk over traditional PRI is the ability to field multiple calls on one number at the same time. This makes it well worth investing in if you’re particularly busy. More than that, you can also use video calls for a more personal and intimate experience.

3. Affordability

Lastly, compared with PRI, SIP is far more affordable. The components that you need to set it up aren’t too expensive to begin with. Plus, should you need to upgrade, you simply need to invest in new equipment and reinstall.

Additionally, the data plans offered by different providers aren’t too expensive and nowadays come with other competitively priced options, which are within reach of most businesses, especially those that are just starting out.

These three advantages make SIP the perfect options for startup businesses or even established ones looking to grow.