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What Benefits Do Computer Monitoring Services Provide?

In this highly wired age, businesses are concerned about how to maximize the use of their capital resources to prolong the lives of their organizations. Technology Visionaries LLC shares that computer systems are unarguably a business’ most valued capital wealth. Computers run an organization’s operations, from bookkeeping to web services….

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The Case for Global Satellite Internet Services

People usually have many options when it comes to Internet access. They can have DSL, fibre optic cable, or global satellite Internet services. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. However, more people are using satellite Internet. This involves sending a land-based signal up to a satellite. The satellite sends it back to a…

How SIP Trunking Allows Businesses to Catch Up with International Deployment

If a company already uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services within the organization, then savings are already being realized. When the company decides to expand, however, whether in terms of manpower or the number of offices, simple VoIP services might not be able to catch up. According to, with more than five separate…

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How to Choose a Centrifugal Pump for Your Process Facility

Centrifugal pumps have long been used for a variety of purposes in different industries. In a processing facility, however, centrifugal pumps provide essential service in the piping system. Due to the centrifugal pump’s important role, you have to choose the right centrifugal pump for your facility. Learn Hydraulics Mismatched pump…

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Top Tech Toys to Look Forward To

This year is shaping up to be an awesome one for tech geeks and ordinary consumers alike. The rapid advances in software bring out the best in hardware capabilities, and more gadgets can do cooler, more functional stuff than ever before. Get ready to drool as we list down some…

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Cloud Showdown: Google Drive vs. OneDrive

At first glance, Google’s and Microsoft’s cloud storage services look terribly similar to each other: desktop file-syncing, integration with basic office tools and tier-based subscription fees. But if you use both Google Drive and OneDrive, you will notice that each has qualities and quirks unique to their respective platforms and…

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Everything You Need to Know About Android O

The next version of Android – code-named O – inches ever closer. As a matter of fact, Google released preview builds of O for developers to tinker with, to better optimize their apps once this newest version of Android hits the market later this year. Tech journalists expect Google to…

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Crash Impedes Uber’s Self-Driving Operations in Arizona

Popular ride-hailing company Uber has to deal with another setback. Specifically, a car crash in Tempe, Arizona involving an Uber self-driving car rolling onto its side after another vehicle hit it. Fortunately, no serious injuries resulted in the accident. Non-fatalities aside, Uber halted all operations of its self-driving fleet of…