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How a Business Consultant Can Help with Expansion

Many business owners have a goal to grow or expand their business. Since business expansion is a huge decision, many business owners seek the professional advice of business consultants. Companies who want to expand their business to other locations like Malaysia would need the insight of a local professional who…

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Focusing on the Client in P&C Insurance

With multiple natural disasters, it is not surprising that there is a rise of activity in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance marketing software industry. P&C insurance refers to non-life insurance that may cover fires, calamities, general liabilities, and employer’s liability. P&C insurance may cover even damages from third parties….

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Top 3 Techniques to Boost Facebook Ads Performance

Are you using Facebook as a platform to advertise your business? If so, simply boosting a post or paying an ad is not enough. You may get more clicks and likes on posts, but what you need are conversions. This is why you need to improve your overall sales and bottom line instead…