Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy specifies that our website may periodically collect information from our users. Registering for a account, subscribing to e-newsletters and participating in promotions are instances of this. We are legally bound to protect that information, personal or otherwise, from unlawful access, disclosure and other malicious attacks by third parties.

Providing our users with comprehensive content is possible, thanks to our advertising partners. We may provide those partners with data collected from cookies enabled on our site. Such data include surfing habits and only functions to show you ads that might pique your interest. The site allows cookies by default, but you are free to disable them should you wish.

Usage data from our users are collected and analyzed periodically, as well, determining which topics or links you click on frequently. This data, in turn, allows our system to tailor our content to your preferences effectively, as well as identify any problems you might encounter while using the site. Our analytics do not gather any personally identifying information in general, but otherwise, we will deem that data as personal information.

Maximum Force Enterprises utilizes stringent security measures for the protection of our users’ data. Be advised, however, that our site servers retain this data for a specified amount of time, and disclosed upon request by law enforcement agencies.

By clicking on ‘I Agree,’ you abide by our terms of use and privacy policy conditions. We will update these policies as needed, and post these changes site-wide as soon as they come.