Of Video Production, Small Budgets, and Quality Consistency

A video production set with two cameras pointing at a man standing in front of a gold, glittery backgroundThere’s no denying that video content is a crucial part of marketing these days. It is simply counterproductive, if not old-fashioned, to ignore the video platforms you have available. Besides, there are a lot of pros to video, especially if you can reel in viewers in just a few seconds of cleverly timed intro.

But how can you manage to keep a steady supply of videos on your channel if it costs too much to produce one? These tips should help you save money as you grow your audience:

Think Big

It may seem like a bad tip when you’re trying to save money, but having big ideas means you have a lot of options for the smaller, fine-tuned ideas you will eventually go for. It’s always easier to have a big sea to fish a hyper-targeted idea from.

This should also help you decide on the right company for video production in Denver, CO. If they can give you plenty of options and they have a big picture, you’re in good hands.


YouTube is the biggest platform for video content, but is it the only one? With Instagram announcing IGTV, and Snap and Facebook Stories allowing for fun, candid, and unpolished content, you’ve got options.

Creators like to go for a healthy mix, with YouTube videos being the most polished, as it is their main source of profit. Behind-the-scenes content and extras can go to Instagram, Twitter, and any other platform you want to build an audience.

Remember that when you’re running a business, you want to be accessible to your audience from their chosen platform, but you also want them to look for you everywhere else.


Cutting costs without compromising video quality is easier than you think–with the right setup. But to find the right setup, you will need to experiment. Consider trading in 4K cameras with iPhone X films if you’re posting the video on Facebook.

Post-production might take a little more time to keep elements consistent, and you may have to get creative with the lighting implements, but the savings can be worth it.

A lot is riding on the video you produce for your brand. To maximize quality while minimizing costs, learn to view all your options.

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