Make Your Air Conditioning Unit Last

HVAC Condenser UnitsAccording to the US Department of Energy, you need to clean your AC units regularly if you want them to function optimally. So here are some ways that can help you to clean and maintain your AC units.

Clean or replace the air conditioner’s filters

The filters will be the dirtiest part of an AC unit since they are the ones responsible for blocking dirt that comes into a room. Some filters are reusable but require constant cleaning; while others can be replaced.

Some AC units are installed with hydraulic separators that help in air and dirt removal. Masterflow Solutions say that units with hydraulic separators still need routine check-ups, but those without need more frequent cleaning and replacement.

Inspect the coils

While the filter blocks huge particles of dust and debris, the evaporator and condenser coils collect the dirt. Even if the filter has been replaced or cleaned, the coils will continue to collect dirt particles. The difference is that a clean filter will make the coils collect minimal amounts and can function longer.

The dirt in the coils can cause blockage of airflow and insulation which will then cause a lower capacity of absorption of heat. A yearly inspection and cleaning are things you need to do to your AC.

Do not forget the minor parts

Every part of the AC unit is important no matter how small they are. For example, you could see aluminium fins beside the evaporator and condenser coils which are ductile and easily bent. You need to make sure that the fins are in their right place to avoid blockage of airflow.

Also, there is a drain that you need to clean using a wire or a stiff and thin metal. Avoid clogged drains for cleaner, cooler and fresher air.

Hire a professional

Lastly, if you could not do these things on your own, or you are afraid to damage your unit, hire a professional to clean it for you. Just be knowledgeable on how to correctly maintain and clean an air conditioner to check how they do their work.