Energy-Efficient Options for HVAC Pumps

Man screwing the valveHVAC heat pumps have considerably changed over the years. One of the critical things that pump manufacturers are focusing on nowadays is the energy-efficiency of their heat pumps. SEER, COP, and HSPF ratings are some of the ratings used to determine your heat pump’s energy efficiency.

Apart from the ratings, manufacturers have several energy-efficient options for your HVAC heat pump. These options are readily available at various pump suppliers, and you should hence be on the lookout for them if you are looking for an energy-efficient heat pump for your HVAC.

Here are some of these energy-efficient heat pump options

1. Two-Speed Compressors

These compressors allow your pump to heat and cool at a given capacity rather than the maximum capacity allowed by conventional pumps.

Two-speed heat pumps connected to an automatic damper will enable you to regulate the temperature of different rooms. This lowers your energy costs and increases your pump’s durability by decreasing its wear and tear.

2. Variable-Speed Motors

These motors allow you to regulate the settings of your pump to a comfortable level. This results in a comfortable and reliable air velocity, which significantly saves your energy costs. Variable-speed motors have an added benefit of reduced noise since your HVAC blowers run at changeable speeds throughout.

3. Desuperheaters

Most energy-efficient pumps come with a desuperheater. This recovers heat wasted from your pump’s cooling mode, and then uses it to heat water. A heat pump equipped with a desuperheater will heat your water 2–3 times more efficiently compared with conventional water heaters.

Highly-efficient heat pumps come with a scroll compressor rather than a piston compressor used in conventional heat pumps. The scroll compressors force the refrigerant into small areas which results in a quiet and extended operation period.

The compressor also supplies air by up to 10–15°F more than conventional pumps when in heating mode.