What Is the Relationship between Color Theory and Your Website Design?

Online Website Design A majority of people think that color choice for their website is determined by the designer’s sense of beauty and taste. However, the color selection process is more complicated than that since it will affect the overall design of a website.

According to research, it takes approximately one minute for a consumer to judge a product, with 90% of the assessment and judgment being determined by the color of the product alone. That means you need to get the right color for your website design in Worcester. Here are various aspects of the color theory that will help you get a perfect web design.

Color Complementation

This refers to the relationship of one color to another. Placing colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum make people consider web design as more visually appealing as it establishes a happy medium where the eye can settle in. During configuration, complementation is applied in two major areas: the compound color scheme and the triadic color scheme. This ensures that you come up with a website that is sophisticated and not overwhelming.

Color Contrast

This color theory element helps by reducing eyestrain and assists in maintaining user focus by dividing elements on a particular page. Contacts help you determine the background color of your website and the text color of your content. For instance, for a text to be readable, you cannot have bright colors on the background and the text, and vice versa.


This color theory determines the emotion of your web design. In that case, bright colors are known to convey more energy or invoke an emotional response. On the other hand, dark colors are meant to relax the user, which then allows their mind to focus on other things on the website.

After understanding the theory of colors, you can now effectively select the ideal color scheme for your website. You can choose from analogous, compound, or triadic color schemes. This way, you will have a website design that allows your users to feel and act as the colors dictate.