Marketing Automation – Do You Really Need It?

Marketing concept shotMarketing sits at the very core of each business. It is the single driving force behind sales, and no business can thrive without making a sale.

In the past, all sales and marketing efforts were your employee’s direct responsibility. This shouldn’t be the case anymore, thanks to better artificial intelligence and automation solutions. The big question is: do you really need marketing automation program to make your business better?

Well, you are the judge. Here are some reasons marketing automation is no longer just an option but a necessity.

Some AI Solutions Are Better at Mundane Tasks

Even though humans are still more versatile and reliable than AI, there are still some tasks best left to pieces of code and automation software. For instance, it would be pointless to have someone continuously re-tweet or share old posts on social media whereas a simple piece of software could do the job more diligently.

Another example would be a good point-of-sale system that automates dispensing of whole goods or services, such as parking tickets, instead of hiring and paying someone per hour to do the same job.

Automation Is Inexpensive

The idea behind automation is to cut down on wages and the amenities needed to support a human-driven staff. Things like air conditioning, a coffee maker, a chair and a desk cost money to buy. By automating your marketing, you cut down on the number of employees and supporting amenities you need to cut your business. The initial investment in automation software might be sizable, but the long-term benefits are always worth it.

Freedom to Expand or Scale Down on Demand

Many human resource departments have to deal with the depressing task of laying off loyal workers now and then before going through the tiresome hiring process once business picks. If you automate your marketing and service delivery, you can scale down your automated system and power up when you need it.

Any form of automation is good for business as long as it keeps some natural touch to your business. You should always give your customers the impression that they are dealing with real people or that there is someone they can turn to on demand.