Leverage Google’s Customer Match with These Strategies

a man with a Google Search screen on his phoneGoogle provides you with some tools to use for your online marketing campaigns. One of which is Customer Match; the latter provides businesses with some benefits that allow them to reach their business goals.

A PPC agency from Denver cites the following ways you can leverage Customer Match.

Improve Retention Efforts

One of the ways some businesses used Customer Match is to re-engage with customers and consumers. Re-engaging your audience, especially the ones who haven’t used your products or services recently, allows you to retain them and keep them loyal. What you need are repeat buyers and not one-time ones, using this tool enable you to reach them again. This also makes it possible to identify the things you can do to improve your product’s features.

Promote New Products or Updates to Old Ones

Another way to use Customer Match is to update current customers about certain upgrades of your products they are using or promoting new ones. You often see e-commerce sites like Amazon use this approach exemplified by their ‘people who bought this also bought…’ call-to-action. This allows you to improve your conversion rates and keep people at certain stages of the sales funnel, wherein they are likely to act the way you want them to.

Segmenting Your Customers

You can’t treat your customers the same way because their experience with you is different. Some are repeat and loyal consumers, while others have only tried your brand once or twice. Customer Match allows you to segment these groups, enabling you to customize your approach to each one. This strategy makes it easier for you to convert or direct a lead towards the action you want them to take.

These are some of the ways that enable you to leverage Google’s Customer Match tool. Implement these to get the results you want and keep your conversion rates high.