Latest Trends in Inbound Marketing for Competitive Companies

modern marketing concepts written on white paperInbound marketing focuses on attracting clients using appropriate and helpful content at each stage of the buying process. Blogs, social media and search engines are some of the routes of communication in inbound marketing. The strategies used, however, regularly change with technological advancements.

Adapting your business to the latest trends in online marketing is essential to remain relevant. Hiring an up-to-date internet marketing agency here in Massachusetts will enable you to keep up with changing trends.

Here are some of the latest trends they can help your company adapt to in inbound marketing.

Quora Marketing

Quora is among the most neglected and yet efficient lead generating social media platforms. It has a question and answer platform where you can answer customers’ questions and use the opportunity to point them to your website.

While LinkedIn specializes in a mid-funnel lead generation, Quora will help maximize your bottom-funnel lead generation.

Technical SEO

Most companies focus their energy on off and on-page SEO, but few bother with technical SEO yet it is the pivot of your SEO success. Indexing relevant pages, fixing broken links, updating your sitemap and improving your site’s speed and responsiveness are all aspects of technical SEO.

Keeping your site in tip-top shape technically is crucial to high SEO rankings.

Guest Blogging via PR

Companies are guest blogging to increase backlinks to their pages, but few are getting quality traffic. The key to effective guest blogging is leveraging PR to get published on sites relevant to your industry.

Getting published on high authority industry sites gets you relevant traffic and ultimately increases your sales conversion.

Marketers are obsessed with marketing automation, which enables them to automate repetitive inbound marketing efforts. Most marketers, however, use multiple platforms for this and hence waste a lot of time.

Integrated marketing automation platforms like Hubspot allow you to monitor, track and report all your inbound marketing efforts on one platform thus saving your time and enhancing your data’s security.