Increase Website Traffic by Improving Website Design

a web developer working on a web designWhen you visit a business’ website that has bad web design, most probably you immediately cut your visit and leave the site. Now, with this situation in mind, it makes you think twice about what online visitors feel about your own business website. Poor design can negatively affect your online traffic and ultimately, your profit. How can you improve this?

Prioritize the 3 W’s

First of all, you can focus on making the three W’s visible to visitors right when they arrive at your website’s homepage. The three W’s are guidelines to remember when designing and curating the content in your site; they are:

1. What are you selling/offering them?
2. Why should they care about your product/services?
3. Where should they subsequently go if you catch their interest?

Make content visible

The three W’s tie into the mistake most business’ website design in Utah — even well-funded ones — make. They hide their content, which frustrates potential customers who want quick and easy access to information. Google, at the same time, ignores this hidden content. By putting the three W’s in the front, you immediately help visitors find the information they need the most. You improve your SEO too.

Declutter your website

Online users hate clutter, research suggests. You can increase visibility by decluttering your site. Ads, tables, excessive text, and complex navigation menus all contribute to clutter. You can instead limit all these factors and hide navigation in expandable menus or tabs. You can also use high-quality photos that make your website appear sleek.

Research and study consumer trends

To further improve your website, you can also task a marketing agency to find data regarding your target audience. Knowing who your audience is and how they behave online can further help you pinpoint what you need to improve in your website. Consumer research always goes a long way for businesses.

With the points above, you can already raise your website traffic and attract more visitors than before.