2018 SEO Trends That Keep Online Marketers Busy

Rear view of man looking at SEO flowchartMillions of posts get published on the Internet every day. Without a sound SEO strategy, making it to the front page of Google — let alone getting a high ranking — is only a pipe dream.

The problem is the digital marketing landscape evolves dizzyingly fast. Whether you’re building a website from scratch or trying to drive more traffic to your existing one, you ought to keep up with changes. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible your pages searchable.

To achieve your online marketing goals, work with a Texas, Illinois, or Utah SEO company that keeps tabs on the latest trends, including the following:

Fake News Crackdown

Google has been on hot water regarding its perceived inaction when it comes to filtering out fake news. Although the 2011 Panda update was rolled out to devalue sites with spammy and low-quality content, much still needs to be done.

One of the measures Google recently took is its Knowledge-Based Trust method. It aims to evaluate the quality of websites on the basis of factual accuracy rather than the number of inbound links. There’s no official word whether Google has already implemented it or not, but every reputable digital marketer would place a premium on factual accuracy in content creation to avoid learning the lesson the hard way.

Featured Snippet Growth

Experts believe that featured snippets are poised to grow as voice search becomes the norm. In a nutshell, they’re search results that appear on the top of organic results designed to answer questions without visiting the site they originate. While they address queries on Google’s search results, studies show that these “answering boxes” help generate traffic.

To increase your content’s chances of getting featured, doing excellent keyword research, knowing what people ask, and focusing on queries where you already rank high matter.

Unlinked Brand Mention Tracking

Bing announced that it’s already using link-less brand mentions as a ranking signal, and Google may follow suit. Considering the bigger role they would play in search rankings soon, you can easily score points if you get more people talking about your business.

Some SEO trends only have fleeting relevance, but each one is worth knowing, understanding, and practicing. A reputable online marketer appreciates this, which is why it pays to work with one to get results fast.